Hallo. i am back. :D



The title says it all! For those who don't know, I'm back! .3.

-cues confetti cannons-

Read my Bio I changed it too

I lob u guys. XD

Wut you guys missed:

• Mah birthday (July 9th)
• hmmmm....that's about it XD

Wut I missed:

• A lot XD

I will download hopscotch on August 22, after school at 2:40 PM western unless the librarian doesn't let me. So I'm kindaaaaaa depending on the librarian and she's kindaaaaa strict. XD


Welcome back @VanillaBlossom! :smiley:



Do u remember me? ;u;


I doooooooooooo fren .3.


*hugs fren
lol why do you need permission to download hopscotch from your librarian? :3


You do?




cuz my teacher will download it probably in December. dats not good. HOPSCOTCH IS MY LIFE!


I need to go soon do post all your questions or something and I can answer or reply to you tomorrow.


Welcome back!! It's always amazing returning to HS after being away



Annoying sistas still gets on your nerves?


Welcome back! I'm happy your back!!!

Omg I thought you were @VanillaOwl for a second lol



Lol XD


But, Vanilla! We're in PST time! We're western. :D

I will go with you to the librarian.

hey i want hs too


@VanillaOwl reminds me of CheerfulOwl. Too bad she stopped Hopscotching!


oh yeah....that hopscotcher
I still remember XD
it's 11 pm I should sleep now >_<


dats early tho >.<


Yay belated welcome back Senpai!


Yes, Welcome back!



My username was actually inspired by hers! :DD


omg. im heart broken. -____________-
dis librarian.
said noooooooooooo!!!!!! ;-;