Hall of Fame Music (chance for any musicians)


Does anyone know how to play hall of fame?

Or wants to know how to play it?
Here's your chance to be noticed in one of my projects. What I need someone to do is make the music on hopscotch. Firstly tell me if you are auditioning so I can make a project. The next day if I accept you, you can make the music, I will take a lot of credit to you. good luck

YEARBOOK! A thing for the last day of year

I wish I could audition, I would win it instantly... (Read emojis in order) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::smile::wink::neutral_face::expressionless::sweat::pensive:


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I'll enter! it'd be good to have another challenge!


No, but I know how to play Firework, and my orchestra did Viva la Vida last year


I could enter, but I haven't heard this song yet. Right now I'm working on a huge Monopoly Collaboration and someone else already requested music from me that I haven't done yet :flushed: but I guess I could try. :wink:


I really like that song, but it isn't appropriate for everyone. Please post a warning or something like that.


Yes! Of course you can enter.


Oh could you? Thank You!


can I enter?
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sure thing. The more the merrier


true, it says h e l l (plz don't flag me)
and it says you can talk to god, go banging on his door Which is not appropriate for everybody! (personally I don't care, It's a good song!)
(I can sing this song all the way through, I had to learn it! (at school) )


But it is just the instrumental. So it doesn't matter.


Note: The reason that I wanted this song is that I left my school this year and am going to a new school. This song is really good for like a slideshow.


This song is making my eyes water. I am so sad that I split up from my best friends and so kind people. Can someone cheer me up and remix my hall of fame project and make it. Thank You


Uh, Yesterday I had to leave my best friends as well, and my teacher. Let's not think about it, my eyes are getting watery again. like yesterday.


Let's think of something happy!


This is happy :hamster:, @crazygoat


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