Halfway to regular!


So everyone who's helping me reach leader rank, I'm halfway to regular!! I've already read the 20k posts I'm supposed to read, and I've visited for 25 days!! It's a great day!! (Also to celebrate, I changed my profile picture, and user background) So here's a tag to people who have helped me ever since ive made the goal to be leader! @Huggingfluffybear @KVJ @Candycane @AHappyCoder @RobotPro @BuildASnowman and Many others!!! (Also, I made my user background and my profile picture that because I'm obsessed with splatoon!)


That's awesome!

I know I am not regular anymore, but anyways being regular is awesome!

One thing that I exspirenced as member is people say "I am regular your not so yeah you stop!"

So maybe we can get regular together!

I wad regular but I got demoted...

But anyways congrats!


Yeah, the people who say "I'm regular and your not" should get demoted!


They allready were becuase they were.



Oh! Banned!




That's awesome!

Good luck on getting regular and leader! C:


Congratulatings! Just keep working toward getting regular and I'm sure you'll get the badge any time soon!


Great job @Zachyswag!


YEY! @Zachyswag, keep going and I am supporting you all the way!! :D


Great job!
I think I'm halfway too!


No wait, I've been on 40+ days! I'm so close!


Oh yeah! I forgot to tag @pingu! How could I forget her!





! !1!!11!1


222??!!!2!2!!2848271782!1!1!1!1 :D


1!1!1!1!2@2@2@2@3#3#3#3#4$4$4$4$5%5%5%5%6^6^6^6^7&7&7&7&8*8*8*8*9(9(9(9(0)0)0)0) all of the shifts!!