Half the postst are about polos


Yes, you saw the title. At least I hope you did! Because if you didn't you would be supper confued. I am having misshaps about spelling dese days. Okay, back on topic. So the polos.....
I need to know why their is so much about these so called 'pools of polls'. Half the posts that I saw when I came on were with polls/ about polls. I want to know why it is about poll? It is a big question for the forums for me and I am going through a phase of my life where I can take anything bad.
With your honors.........
"Ill be back-"
Arold Schwarzenegger


There are public polls now, so people are trying them out. I suppose feedback polls were good for this.


4 Le example:



Votes are public.


How do you make votes public?



See da fabulous gear icon when making a post? Click it to build a poll and customize it as you wish!


I accidentally clicked this :3
I dislike the Build Poll option, it means there are less coding aspects to the forum. I like the new poll stuff though!

  • Testing out :3
  • The reason this is so popular
  • is because they added more poll options.
  • Cool, huh?
  • c:
  • :3
  • XD


Votes are public.


Never mind...
it was a secret message..
decode the letters


How do I see who voted on an iPad?


It's a glitch Discourse needs to fix, it used to show up but now for some reason it doesn't show who voted for what.


Am I the only one who read potatoes instead of polos?