Half Annoying people


My friend and I posted a game and said it was his and all that.... Then "Someone" (not saying who because they might see this...) and say it's theirs and advertise his self, no credit no nothing.... I looked on his profile and he's done this a few times.... Please can someone stop this? Or at least please use credit not just advertising him/their self? Thanks!

  • This has happened to me
  • This hasn't happened to me



Hi @Isaacwotwot! I'm sure any great coder has had this happen to them and it's just part of Hopscotch. Don't get mad. Just think... they obviously think that you have some amazing ideas and maybe they don't. I know it gets irritating, but that's all it is... a bit of a nuisance.

p.s do you like LEGO? cause I love LEGO!


Yes it's a nuisance, but Advertising as well????!!!! Yes I love Lego (My profile pic is a Lego movie Lego guy I made on a Lego movie game, if you look closely it's says "Lego Movie" on his shirt). I also love Harry Potter (saw on your profile behind the octopus .


What do you mean by advertising @Isaacwotwot. Someone remixed my Shark Stimulator and called it "shark simulator! By #####.


One way of preventing this from happening is to make a text object that is just a space, and make a set text to"by issacwotwot"


I used that before, but honestly, this is a coding app for fun and nothing's copyrighted. If someone uses your project, just ignore them, but don't flag.


I put my name down "by Isaacwotwot credit do " Harry lol ###" but then someone deleted the text and put made by ##### go on my channel to see some awesome games, I made this (even though he didn't make it)


I made a topic similar to what you have posted here @isaacwotwot

The link is here! :blush:


Yea I love it too!
Could you answer in this poll I made for my Lego cars.

  • I like the yellow one
  • I like the gray one
  • I don't like Legos cause haters gonna hate (LOL)