Hairstyles! Collaboration (Weird, wacky, etc.)



Have the app..
Toca Boca Hair Salon 2 ?!
If you do and you want to join this collaboration, cool! Just ask!
If you don't have the app, but want to join. Just download it (It costs 2.99, though... ^~^)
And ask!

But we will also be posting pictures of the hairstyles and name them.
There will be likes and polite comments about other hairstyles.

Here's an Example!

The Old Fashioned Brother

Here's some other things for the topic

The collaboration
This also explains how it's hopscotch related
I am making a collaboration account!

Well not exactly YET, I'm waiting for a person to ask, and we will decide the username, password and other important things to make up the account.

We will be making our hairstyles with code, or on our own drawing pad and other things that are possible in hopscotch.
Maybe we'll try to make a hairstyling project!

If you don't have and don't want the app
You just want to join and observe and have fun and chat yes I will allow chatting, just do the sign up form and your good. You still are in the collaboration, still!

The Sign Up Form

Username the forum and hopscotch:
Do you have the app?:
Will you be willing to buy it?:
Do you like hairstyling?:
Anything else you need to tell me?:

Being accepted

First, of course ask, by filling the form.
Then send a pic of an idea hairstyle or one you create and just show it off for fun.
I will only be accepting 12 members. If you can convince me I will add you even if there's already twelve.

There will be more rules as we go along...

So now...