Hai! Nice to Meet You!


Hallo! I just joined hopscotch like last month! I'm Vi Vi on hopscotch! I love cats, I like spaghetti (I'm so Papyrus!), and I also play the cello.
I also made this account 23 days ago, but I never went on it :joy:




Hallo friend! I know who you are XD (on hopscotch)

Your art is amazing. c:


Hai! :3

Nice to meet you

Welcome to the forums!


Welcome @VaniBerry :D im Crazy_cake, it's nice to meet you!


Hi, @VaniBerry!! :smile:

You probably don't know how I tagged you like that ^^^, I just put an @ next to a username, like this!


Welcome to the forum!

I'll go check out your account, you sound awesome!


yay! what is c:
(20 character rule)


It's an emoticon @Maltese made up. :DD


Hi there! I'm happy that we have new people joining. We need some fresh faces!


c: c: c:
I'm crazy with c: now


Isn't everyone? c: c: c: XD


Hallo! Sp there is no more leaders sadly ;-;


Hai! I found a yummy profile pic fir you!:yum::grinning:


I just followed you, you're an amazing artist!

(I used to draw in Hopscotch. Just... whatever you do.. don't scroll down on my HS account please. The art I used to draw is.....terrifying XD.)


That looks scrumptious! :yum:


hold on wait we have profile pics?! I thought we just earn them .-.


Nice to meet you, too, @VaniBerry! I'm @Intellection74. You're a fabulous artist on Hopscotch! You might like this topic related to drawing. :smiley: I would suggest taking a look at our Community Guidelines- they're super important. This forum tutorial adapted by Discourse (the company that made this forum) is very helpful. I recommend taking a look!

If you ever need any help feel free to tag me (put an @ sign before my username).



You can go to the top right of the screen and click the v!
Then click your username, click summary, preferences, and scroll down, you can add any appropriate pic that isn't your face :D


I draw A LOT.
But I sometimes made trail art ect
(I promise dat I won't scroll.(Actually once I scrolled down and your art actually are not bad))


O found out you were in Serenity's and HappyCat's club! You deserve it! also, I know I've liked ur projects. How I will follow you!