Hai! I have a forum account now!



Woot! I'm extremely lazy, I know this.


Hi @NeoPixel, welcome to the forum, check this out


Hai ! Welcome to the forum ! I am @Silverdolphin and tag me as @Silverdolphin anytime you need help!!


Hi @NeoPixel and welcome to the forum
I'm Hermione and you can tag me like this @Hermione when u need help!


A topic for you to read is called Badges/tags/mod stuff !

It gives you a bit of information about the forum ! Silently tags @KVJ


Welcome to the forum, @NeoPixel! I'm iWaffle, but you can just call me unravels long list of nicknames.. Okay, just call me whatever nickname you want :3
If you need anything, or just want to talk, @ (or tag) me like this: "@BellaWafflez17" by typing: "@BellaWafflez17" so I get a notification :D


Welcome to the forum!!

Tag me anytime you want help like "@KVJ"!!


Everybody here is giving me a warm welcome. Love this community! <3


Glad to hear!
Thanks for adding me in your bio!!


:grin: No problem. You deserve it.



So what projects are you working on? I'm gonna check your profile out now!


An updated version of my Graffiti Pad.



I followed and spamliked you on my second account btw :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much! <3


You're welcome!

Btw on your first day you'll have limited replies so be aware! :slight_smile:

If you do run out just edit one of your earlier posts by clicking the pencil :smiley:


Welcome to the forums, @NeoPixel!


Do you want a tag? I'll make one for you.


Welcolm to da community of Hopscotch Forum!
Dis place is grate and have grate peeps!(and peeps who are grate at misspelling words :3)


Welcome to the forum, @NeoPixel! :D


TOo late I made oNe :stuck_out_tongue: