Hai everyone! Yey new account


First post on this account :raised_hands:🏻
I'm not new! See if you can guess who I am!


hi. guessing topics are not allowed. sorry.


Who says?


I don't know. someone did. don't ask me




I'm pretty sure @Kiwicute2016 said these were not allowed as its only can be done in April Fool's

So sorry


As @domino and @Helios said, guessing topics aren't allowed :anguished:


Um, hoi


This isn't allowed, sorry.


Well, I think if you're switching to this account forever, then I guess this topic is okay. But I'm pretty sure these topics aren't allowed. I like your username though! XD


It was actually me xD

Kiwi agreed.


But yeah sorry guessing topics aren't allowed there just not related.


Kool acc
Anyways we aren't allowed to make guessing topics


I know who you are. Your profile shows it.

You are



I'm I allowed to say that
mr gamer and domino are the same person




Did you know that

i drew domino's profile pic