Hai everyone :D notice on activity and why I've been INVISIBLE DUN DUN DUUUN


Hi everyone! Sorry I went without a notice :0

Basically, the forum is great, and I'll pop in here sometimes, but I have bn enjoying life a lot more since I kinda left. I'm not PERMANENTLY leaving, I will come back to talk to you guise, but don't expect me to be around all the time. :D

I really miss you though, and if there's any questions or just "hai"s that you'd like to say, I'd love you 2 post dem :3

Bai everyone!

-Da Apple


Okey dokey I wondered where u are


hoi I missed you xd



Aye, I missed you
I was looking back at my old cringy posts and guess what I realized I was such a cringy person back then, and you know what I still am omg


You're not cringey at all!!! I love how you used to be :D


Really XD but I had so many spelling mistakes :0



Dat dun mattah dooddddddooodd

I has badzy grammarzy




cuz potatoes dats y k


Aye, i got real bad grama
Imma weird


everyones weerd cuz mnyehhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaAAAAAA


Aye, imma weird real weird aye
Also noice profile pic


I missed you so much,, @Rainboom!

You are an amazing fren and it's sad to see you go for so long. D:




Don't worry don't worry I'll come in now and then XD


will now and then come sooner


why did I always say “aye”???
someday im gonna look back at this post and say eww eh

but I do miss rainboom, i admit i didn’t talk to her a lot. but even then she was still super kind.

Edit: it’s been three days and this’s cringe oof