Hai Der I'm new


Hai guys. I'm new to de forums. Can anyones sho me arouns?


Hey there! Welcome to the forums.


Hello, welcome to the forums @jeff! If you need help just tag me like this: @MR.GAM3R. I will get a notification whenever you do!

Check out the rules of the forums:


Sorry if I seem offensive, but are you really new or are you an alt account?


Hi, welcome to the forums! If you have any questions you can tag me by using @MelodiousParrot. I hope you have a fun time here!:slight_smile:


Welcome! Tag me anytime you want help/a fren! Just type "@KVJ"!


Hi @Jeff! Welcome to the forum! :D
Feel free to tag me at any time like this- @RubyStars, and I'll try to help. :D


I'm really new. Do people make alt accounts a lot?


Yeah, they do. @TheRainbowChicken was just wondering.


Here's a list of good topics to look at:


Welcome! Awesome name btw! :D

Here are some helpful links!




Do this to beat the 20 character rule:

<20 characters>




If you want to get past the 20 characters rule, just do this:
Then, the text will be invisible! :D


Yeah, but btw don't you think it's a little... rude making secret posts around someone who doesn't yet know how to see them?
I am just trying to see stuff from a new person's perspective I guess.


deleted them. yeah sorry


I love your profile pic! :D
Write '@TheRainbowChicken' and post it if you ever need help! ;)


What do you mean?
(I need to go somewhere. I'll be back at 7:30)


Okie dokie

Hi again @Jeff