Hai :3 sorry for being inactive ;-;


Hai hops c:

Sorry for being so inactive ;-; I'm at a sleep away camp learning Java script, I practically have no time on my iPad ;-;

I hope I don't miss that much :D

So... Yeah. That's why your not seeing me a lot. But on Saterday I will be very active :D and maybe late Friday too!


On this topic I'll announce when I'm leaving (for short periods of time, not forever XD)

Ok, bai :D

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Okey. It's okey fren :3

hugs everyone


Yey c:



yey XD



Have fun learning Java Script! :3

I bet it's awesome :D


Thank you :D

Currently it's 10:05 (EAST) pm and my roommate is being crazy so I can't go to bed, and I can't be on my iPad past 10:00pm, oh well XD



You're welcome! :3

You rebel XD


Ikr XD

I'm such a rebel...

My roommate better go to bed soon, I'm tired XD




I'm driving rn until past midnight ;-;

yawns too loudly and wakes up @Pink_Roses




It's ok to be inactive!:wink:
Even thought it is better to be active!


waits for likes to come back so I could be the 10th like on this topic

gets likes back in 4 minutes

sees likes for topic


;-; y u do dis