Had my call with Liza / getting my HS swag!


Hey guys wassup.

So I had my call with @liza since I bought the subscription!

It was great!

I recommend talking to her if you did get the sub :smiley:

My dad today gave Liza all our info for sending the free bear shirt! YAY

and today my dad asked me if I wanted to go to HS HQ!

YAYAYA once again!



That's so awesome! What did you talk about / what did Liza say?


Amazhang! :thumbsup:


It was me and my dad in the call.

To start we just shared my dad's name and stuff so yeh.

And then she asked stuff like....



She asked what I liked about HS, I said how unlike Java, Python, or any programming languages where you write out the code, this gives kids and adults a good grasp on starting to code fun and simple!

She also asked how I felt about the sub, she asked my dad as well.

I said "it's exspinsive for what you get, so if you were to add more stuff to the subscription keep it at the same price. Is what I think"

And some other stuff. XD


I also bought the sub, how do you call Liza? Is it an email?


I've talked with Liza too! :D
She sounds super nice (lol that sounds creepy) and it was really cool!
I didn't get a free bear shirt though, they weren't invented yet. :3


I didn't get it yet but it's being sent!


My mom sent all the info and I think she responded lol


It's using hangouts with your parents!


Send us an email: hello@gethopscotch.com :slight_smile: