Hacking is life amirite ಠ_ಠ jUdGe RuDy



I am the first being. Tv is just some random puny mortal who may kill inverse George Washington.


This sounds cool!
Can I help with this Prophecy?


Ask my son @014. I know what will happen to you, but must not tell you


Any place where I can meet @014 like a topic?
Also, if you are the first being, what about -1?


Just say the summoning word of 014. (Hummus)

-1 is technically the second being




Will that work?
Also, like a topic I can meet 014.
You sure saying hummus works?


There isn’t a topic like that.

Just use my GT I guess. I’m friends with 014 and Petrichor and all of his other alts so that should be fine?

And yes. Hummus does work. Because hummus is amazing.


@014 hummus
Lol ta da