Hacking is life amirite ಠ_ಠ jUdGe RuDy



What does this scheme stand for I wonder?


w a n t
t o
t a l k


Yes thank you
That was a test to see whether you were paying attention to detail


w a n t
t o
e h
s p e a k e h
t h e
l a n g u a g e


Errr sure I’m making something


Wow I passed a -1 test I must be so smart


Yes you are one in a very smart

Uh oh
I sense an evil presence approaching
It’s +2 related
I saw the marks on the wall


We must do something about this


Yes did you see it too?


Whatcha making


+2 repelent spray


A very necessary substance:
+2 repellent is key to survival


Oh I see


EDIT: shoot I’m outta replies brb @SarcasticTvHead


bækhēr-ghā úü


Yes, do you want some?


Yes please
We need so much repellent that it will be detrimental to +2’s health


We need a cloning machine


Yes cloning has many uses to it


We could make 3000 Nindys if we need to


One talk about something other than -1 or +2