Hacking is life amirite ಠ_ಠ jUdGe RuDy



Daoism is a false religion created by puny mortals


Just as in a saying, would you two be equivalent to it?


It is here

We are the one



How can I survive here

Just by worshipping you


Proclaim the news
It is here
There is no turning back


Also what happened to the first topic I created
Did it get lounged?


Lemme go unlounge it


Ooh thank you
-1 is very gllad

Those silly mortals lounging topics, what have they done


I don’t know, does anyone know?


That is a good question
The Book of CHEINSTROARLLY will get to that once we translate it properly into English


Yes, @Petrichor is working on that for us


Yes it is a noble task
What braveness

The language of immortals is one very difficult to translate properly into mortal language


How does one become immortal


That is a serious discussion
@Petrichor always was immortal

The book of CHIENSTROARLLY will explain the following as well




Yo tv


What do you want puny mortal


I just wanted to talk or smth


Are you correcting the ways of an immortal?
Just kidding
What a serious mistake I have made


I got scared there for a second
-1 doesn’t make mistakes, so I corrected it