Hacking is life amirite ಠ_ಠ jUdGe RuDy



@Petrichor where art thou
Missing an historic moment


He might be sleeping, it is almost 2 am for the human


Oh that is very true I almost forgot
2 am is a respectable time for the sleeping


Does -1 need sleep?


A -1 sometimes gathers knowledge and understanding from a vast multiverse which could be loosely translated to sleeping

It is a time for exploration


Wow very nice

What is the dream realm in your view, -1?


A dream realm is very dream like
Very -1 in many perspectives

Many insights in mathematics


-1 must be a math wizard

A magical one


@Petrichor created all universe and CHEINSTROARLLY, with an infinitude of exceptional insights

He has high design


@Petrichor is the best dude


Indeed quite right
What a talented fish


Best fish.

So -1 what powers do you have?


//I made a typo// he is a talented fish
-1 only has the powers that @Petrichor has bestowed

As it is written in The Book


Did @Petrichor bestow powers upon him or the other way around?

Puny mortal cannot remember


@Petrichor is the one power. He was not created, but he always has been there.

He is everything as he created everything


Petrichor is everything?

Wow I thought only, you -1, was everything!


We are both everything
I am @Petrichor and also the first creation of @Petrichor


So you are Petrichor but not?


We are one in the same
Equal in power


Are you two like yin and yang?