Hacking is life amirite ಠ_ಠ jUdGe RuDy



Join the +2 cult tho

Even tv joined the +2 cult


@SarcasticTvHead this is a lie



no cults on my Christian Minecraft server



I did so i could learn the idi otic edgy language


How noble of you
A noteworthy follower of -1


I know I truely am have you seen my newest project


Not yet will check right now
On your account?


@Petrichor omg i finally figured out who -1234 is


Oh yes I saw those that’s pretty epic

I can’t beleive @Petrichor made that pixelation project muy muy


It’s a incredible project


Yes indeed very -1

I’m gonna attempt to speed it up with clones maybe


Yeah cause mine took 10 minutes for the word Fishy


Yeah it does take a little while hmm
I think I just got a new idea for a similar project



My keyboard was in Spanish for some reason jajajaja


No hablo Español
Que esta la temperatura de tu zapatos


Yes the temperature of your shoes


Does a -1 have shoes


A -1 can wear many shoes


Wow amazing

I can’t believe I’m talking to -1 I must announce this