Hacking is life amirite ಠ_ಠ jUdGe RuDy



Yup. At least! Yay!!!


My uncle does hacking stuff.

Like not illegal stuff just like hacking video games and stuff


I used to try to “hack” online games when I was 10 years old. But now, nope. I prefer programming



hacking is life



Programming is life

Then we have hacking


Don’t hack Hopscotch, we don’t want another scandal like the “it’s here”. Save the hacking for good purposes.

(Luna Wiki activated)

There are 3 types of hackers:

  • White hats: good people who hack because they are paid to check if their code is vulnerable to black hat hackers
  • Grey hats: good people, but they also do some bad things. Basically, they do both white hat stuff and black hat stuff
  • Black hats: bad people who hack for evil purposes


Yeah, well I’ve said this before.
I’m a black - grey hat.

that is what makes me a chaotic neutral


When I got a virus on my computer, I decided to make one. It’s on the USB stick I stick on my fridge rn.


Oh yeah,
Grey hats basically do what white hats do, but hey don’t do it for free.
You have to pay them


When I have something weird in my computer, like a BSOD, I think that is a virus (I never had a virus in my computer in my whole life, yet), and I start to search all of the files if some virus was the culprit. I get paranoid really easy, and then I forget it very easy. :\


I’ve made a rule that whenever I get a virus, I make one (to make myself feel better tbh) I’ve made 3 by now I think
They only slow down PC’s by command overload and are really easy to find and eliminate, so I hope I get better at making them.


starts to get somewhat scared


oof why




As I said, I’m only a dark grey hat and wouldn’t do damage to innocent peoples’ personal computers. I don’t want to use it for malice against innocent people.

Large coporations, corrupted politians, etc. Are a different situation.

However, I am a chaotic neutral and am pretty impulse driven; so just don’t, I don’t know, get on my bad side and you would be safe in the future when I figure out how to actually spread viruses.

I’m not dangerous, I promise.

(That was long lol)




Yeah man idk either lmao


hacking is life



phewwwwww. And just in case, I have a Mac and I don’t like Windows so much bc of… that. Also, I think that the art of hacking is also really complex. Like coding.


Heck yeah boyoooooooooo