Hacking is life amirite ಠ_ಠ jUdGe RuDy



What happened to Trending? All of a sudden it’s filled with projects that say ‘it’s here” and some letter in bold text- and it has so many likes!

Can someone tell me what’s going on?

Oh, and another thing- most of the projects’ creators have usernames such as @SarcasticTvHead, Cennia45, and PurpleStarKitten.

Is this just me, or is someone else seeing this?

I think it might be someone hacking.

shahfaiksjdjfhsajsjd help me

@omtl, help!



what do you mean


did you do it?


who the fish is Jeffery

is he you?


oh, okay…

one second…


Oh, that guy.

How would you know if he wasn’t you?


he is you


Okay, thanks @Petrichor.

Now you’ve helped to confuse all of HS.



No I’m pretty sure it’s not someone hacking, it’s Jonny Jeffery like Nindroid said :stuck_out_tongue:



then how come there are so many accounts and projects that have the mantra “It’s here”?


Why not


Eyyyyyyy @SarcasticTvHead


its nindroid or jonny making accounts and putting them to the top of trening obviously xD




It’s all fiiiiiiiine boi


Something tells me something is wrong about the ‘it’s here’ project…something very wrong…:fearful:


It’s not fine,i think something is wrong…


I don’t know…something tells me there is something wrong about the it’s here projects on trending


Something feels wrong.What do the it’s here projects mean?


Why are there so many likes on them?


What is here?
Why so many likes?
Why on trending?
What on earth is happening?
It’s so peculiar!something is wrong!there is even a topic that says ‘it’s here’


what is here?!?
It’s seems so mysterious!