Hackers: The Ultimate Solution



Hackers on HS solution


Okay, the top part is going to be uber complex, but if you like hearing me nerding out, this is the topic for you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, this is important: if I sound bossy at all, don't mind it! I'm just trying to explain something, and if I put it in any other tone of voice, it might not make sense! :wink:

So: obviously this is about hackers. For this to work (and this probably won't unless we get your help!), I need to ask you a favor.

For The Hopscotch Team:

  • See who is logged on to the account by logging in to the servers, filtering the search to the collab account, and seeing who's IP addresses/DNS ports/other complex networking stuff is logged on to the account, then temporarily ban the IP from Hopscotch. You may have to act fast before the hacker logs off, but if all else fails, check the server history.
  • Look on the forum thread of the collab account for status updates. There may be something, like "@IAN HELP!!! WE'VE GOTTEN HACKED!!!" etc, and it might actually provide information of the hacker.

For the Hopscotchers:

  • Email The Hopscotch Team RIGHT AWAY when there is a hacker!! And the RIGHT AWAY part is important because if they don't get it in time, the hacker might get off of the account sooner.
  • Give as much info as you can. This will probably help The Hopscotch Team a lot, because then they may know who the hacker is by their fake nickname or what the hacker is doing, and The Hopscotch Team can recover your drafts for you after this is all done with.
  • Finally, yelling doesn't help. If you keep yelling at the hackers, they will keep hacking or insulting you, and that is no help.

I also want support from any other techy or complex guys that may or may not know about networking, like:

And from The Hopscotch Team:

If we all work this out together, we can stop this madness! :slightly_smiling:

If you have any questions, just comment. :wink:


Is it possible to help without the app, like flagging all comments with the username and password on it in the forum ??????


It would still be viewable because you can click the "see flagged comment" button. The only thing that would actually do is close the topic. :wink:


No, you can still view contacnt of closed topic, you have to get an admin to unlist it, and if the admins see it they would delete it, and a way if giving them noticacations if flagging it
Sorry if I'm being a bit of a know-it-all


That's perfectly fine, I love how you're sharing these solutions! :wink:

To counter your argument: the password comment is chosen by the person who posted it; therefore they would delete it either way.

Sorry if I'm kind of being a know-it-all :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Barely noticed, have a very low expectation for know-it-alls
(that was a discourse emoji, I hacked into the system!!!!!!!!!! (held down the emoji in your comment and tapped save to camra roll or something and I included that picture, It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!)