Hackers, how to get rid of them



Ok the majority of us have been hacked which is not good at all
And we've been hacked by the same three people (goodthinker1 is one of them)
We need to act @admins now or hopscotch is going to be destroyed
What are some ideas for this not to happen?
• have a message password feature for collabs
• have 5 personal questions answered for login (except for COLLAB accounts)
What are your ideas?


OK! So let me see, the hacker is on the forum @Gabe_N, or at least checks the forum without an account. And you know what, you are a piece of poop who ever the hacker is. Trying to keep the forum clean here, tried my best.


@Gabe_N, you coulc just use the @admins tag, so it's quicker...


The main thing we need to realize here is that Hopscotch is not being hacked. What's happening is people are giving away their password or their collab account's password on the forums and then someone sees it and destroys the account. I'm not exactly sure the policy on this but I believe (Correct me if I'm wrong @t1_hopscotch ) that we have started deleting posts that contain passwords. I was actually talking to @Liza about this today, and she said Hopscotch might add a feature in the future with some sort of "secret password" that you can choose to send out to certain people. But that might be quite far in the future, what with them doing so much else right now.
Just remember:

Never give out your password on the forums
Never ask for someone's password
If you get hacked, email the Hopscotch team. They can usually help.


Ok but how to stop them @BuildASnowman
That's what we should worry about


@BuildASnowman do you think I'm good enough to be a admin? I'll be a dream come true!


We can't change how people feel or think, so we can only protect ourselves like how @buildasnowman said.


What I mean is how to stop them from reaching hopsctch not stop them from hacking


Hopscotch is for everyone, so it's kind of impossible to stop people from downloading it.


Yeah, well @LotsaPizza got hacked and never gave out her password. How is that explained?! Also @BuildASnowman I think I'd be a really good admin, too! Gabe N and I protect our collabs and I make professional warnings.


@Gabe_N. Yep. It's you. It's been so long since I've talked to you.


Thank you @BuildASnowman , I've been trying to tell the point to everyone, it's not like a hacker suddenly stole classified Hopscotch information and wrote mean messages on the collabs while deleting all their drafts
This is just an immature person who has decided to look at the passwords and usernames people intentionally upload onto the forum and set up a cruel joke


Well at least @chickenlord1501 is a good hacker. He's a white hat hacker, but since he may not get permission, he may be a grey hat hacker.


It ALL comes from jealousy. If someone hacks you, its because they know you have better projects than them, so they try to stop you from doing that. Never show fear, as in ":0 im being hack omg" that encourages them.
Instead, realize that some people are just like that. :confused:


That's right. And also, the more you get angry and upset with the hackers, the more hacking the hackers will do. (Really? What kind of sentence is that?)

I'm mean like, if you watched a Youtuber called NigaHiga (Ryan Higa), he recently got HACKED on Instagram, and guess his reaction?

He wasn't upset!


Watched his video called "I was Hacked!" And watch it till the very end, there is the reason.

(Warning: Spoiler)

If you have been hacked, and the hacker has removed ALL your effort, you can still make new ones!

So the ONE thing you must remember...

(and never let them get in your way)


Here's a post from @Phase_Studios (I think, sorry if I'm wrong) :


But what explains somone logging in to @LotsaPizza's main account she never shared her password that had to be hacked! @Whalephin145


You do have a point @Gabe_N. I guess the hacker is either good at guessing or...I don't know....


the thing is there are some special websites that only hackers know and it has a program that they can download and use it in any app and what it does is it uses every password combination in the world and whenever it puts a password in it enters it and repeats that until it has a match!
that's what they used the hack @LotsaPizza's account!
although I'm not 100% sure that this is what they do I'm pretty positive that this is how they hack.


What if people do an combination of 30 characters, including weird shapes like '-/:;()$&@.,?!',[]{}#%^*+=¥£€>~~<|_.,?!', #hard password alert' how long would that take?????????