Hackers & Collabs


I have noticed many collaborations being destroyed on hopscotch, and nobody likes it. So, how do we prevent it? Easy. DON'T GIVE THE PASSWORDS AWAY. All you have to do is say it on the acutal hopscotch app other than this open forum, where anyone can see it, and just unpublish the project. This helps because it seems like somebody ALWAYS sees the password, no matter how hard we try to take it off the forum. It helps to put it on hopscotch because I've never seen an an unpublished project be accessed.

(:+1: if you read all lf that)


Yeah, but there are more people on Hopscothc who will see the password.

I don't get what hackers gain from ruining people's lives. It just doesn't make sense.


Me and phase company are moderating all posts right now to see who's the hacker can you and superswaggy88 help?


Sure why not. In my case I wouldn't have cared, but this hacker is getting on my nerve.


You can do this one

Make sure your checking for things that are suspicious and tell us what you found in this post



I learned my lesson. Mine never does on the forum!! :smile:


Is there a way I can help?


would the hacker even post on the forum?


I will monitor ALL the posts!!! I already read all of them, I'm trying to rank up in the forum ranks, #imamembernow #iveonlybeenonforlikeaweek #thesehashtagsarealmostimpossibletoread


I agree with you, but like some of the others like Kiwicute2015 have pointed out that other people can see it.

Oh, and a thing on the evil hacker around Hopscotch, I can give you 3 ways to find out who it is and find out where you have done wrong.

  1. If you were doing a collaboration. (Which I don't highly recommend unless you have a team Hopscotch account, [SHARE IT WITH ONLY YOUR BEST, MOST TRUSTED FRIENDS!] where you can do it without worrying that "Sir Hackalot" has arrived.) Like people have said, (KiwiCute2015) people can STILL (Which is annoying.) see it. Namely Mr Hacker.

  2. Your trusted 'friend' is the one and only hacker. Trust me and hope for the best that there is only a one in a MILLION chance that that was the truth. (That was a lot of thats.) Still investigate them though. Better safe than sorry.

  3. The one you would least expect, or the one you would expect. It could be a guy that changes accounts every 1 week. It could be a person that has random letters and numbers in their name. It could be the person that has no projects. It could be a popular Hopscotcher. It's just a start!

I hope this helps moderators and Hopscotchers! (And maybe hacker. PLEASE NO.)