Hacker, this account is hated



Hacker alert! Hacker alert. Lol I'm hilarious. I won't tell you who I am, but I certainly hate @Trendygirl so yep. Not going off until I want to. And you can't kick me off because this is @Trendygirl 's account!


Hacked on April fools day? Hmmmmmmm...


This is me the real Trendygirl, I am on the forum while this s.tupid hacker is posting stuff! :dizzy_face:


This could be april fools but, if i were you i would change your pass ASAP!


It's not though, that's the thing! Ok sure will do.


@staff @Anonymous @PopTart0219
Can we close this? I still remember what happened to SGS and we don't want it again..


I don't know what to do...


Is that all peeps remember about me? :frowning: :confused:


No, i remember that you are a good coder, a nice girl, we r on hangouts, and our timezone is the same. :wink:


Thanks, it just normally seems when something bad happens it all trigger to CL...and stuff :confused:


Who on earth is this hacker you are asking...
Will never tell



@Kiwicute2016 can figure out in like 5 seconds lol


It was yourself. Yay!