Hacker Smackers Challenge!


I have recently released the First Book Of Hacker Smackers.
And I have a challenge for everyone who has a character based off them in it.

First of all, you have to read my book. Then, you need to think about your character's point of view throughout the story.

Lastly, write a personal narrative of your character's side of the story!!!

People I am challenging:



I made some fan art for it! Hmm....

Ugh, I can't BELIEVE this! The Order of the Stone and I worked on hard in a project, and then we got hacked! This was scientifically IMPOSSIBLE because we came up with indestructible password-creators and they were about ten characters long, or more!! These mean hackers captured us but I found these marks on the wall that lead us almost to safety. SeaWolfWereHorse decided to pretend to be a hacker so we could be safe. She was SOOOO Gryffindor at the moment, and we were all Gryffindor but I was Ravenclaw AND Gryffindor, and AHappyCoder helped me a lot, so I'd consider her a small Hufflepuff. Those hackers are Slytherin, or worse. You want to know what they did to me?! They let out this cute little bear, oh it was so cute but super vicious, it hurt me really bad. They knew it was he smartest in the group and I was paralyzed in a bunch of places! Blimey, I could barely stand up! Scratches, scars, bites, cuts, infections, you name it! SWWH was kind enough to help me back. I owe her. I also owe TOOTS for helping me dry off after I tried to take a shower, he also got me my wheelchair... He gave me a fresh supply of band-aids and helped me clean my cuts; I was happy with the group's kindness to me, I don't feel much like the Leader anymore. (The wheelchair and TOOTS stuff was from one of the fan arts I did...)
Sincerely, Potter Productions (OUCH!!)


Here's a like :heart:


@friendship2468 I wanna see the fan art!!!

I wanna see it because that means I have a fan.....:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@seawolfwerehorse are we starting the editing wars against each other? Trying to make the best edits to our posts?


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(pounds fists rhythmically on table) fan art fan art fan art fan art!


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By the way, my name can be whatever you want. Im really out of ideas.


Will this be coming from the character's mind and will it being a walk through of the story from a character's point of view or the character's thoughts about what happened and how your character reacted toward the things that happened inside.


@RobotPro the challenge is to make a personal narrative of the story from your character. You see what your character must of realized and how they reacted, along with what they weren't aware of. Their state of thoughts at different points in the story. Like @CreativeCoder's story she's making is a personal narrative. She shows her thoughts and reactions, but doesn't show others point of view. (Think it as you are making the 1st person version of the story, from your character) if you want, you can show how your character reacts to hearing the full story!!!

Also, we got off topic before with the fan art thing XD


Ok, here we go. :stuck_out_tongue:

I've got to admit, half the time I was hiding in a closet.

Or at least, I think it was a closet. There were a few gadgets in there. I tinkered with them. I main reason I was hiding in there is because of that polar bear.
I know that little ursus maritimus (the scientific name for a polar bear) is on our side, but you know, it's got teeth. Sharp. Teeth. I did come out of that place eventually because of a weird creaking sound that made me jump, which created another thump sound, which really scared me.

When I did get out of the musty closet full of who-knows-what, I quickly realized all that time I was in the attic. I sat down for awhile wondering to myself how I got in the attic and why this place even has one... Eventually I could hear loud speaking coming from another room not too far away and below from the one I was in. I walked the stairs gripping tightly to the wall to make sure I didn't slip. I walked through dark hallways.
Finally, I quietly found a spot in the small group of people. I've got terrible name memory, so I didn't bother to speak, too frightened that I'd embarrass myself by incorrectly pronouncing a simple word. I tried to catch on to what they were talking about but I was thinking about what would happen if I pronounced a name wrong.

Finally seawolfwerehorse spoke up and mentioned my name. I quickly looked at her, confused. When did she get here? I thought she was our enemy! I looked around realizing half the group was looking at me sternly.
They must have been angry at me for tinkering around with stuff in the attic! I thought.

Quickly I responded I didn't touch anything!

There was more of a conversation after that. I just tried to back away before I got in trouble for something.

As I said, I've got a poor memory, I didn't remember much after that. I do remember at one point I was shivering like crazy.

Later that day we went out to go capture the hopscotchers. Using the sea bear. (Polar bear)
Luckily I managed to back away a little without anyone realizing.

After that, I did a little more hacking. It calms me. Sometimes.

Note to self: Clean out hiding spot because of continuous stern faces ditected toward you


@RobotPro I guess. Sorry if I excluded you out of the story a bit too much.....


8 days ago.. Sigh
I'll start writing my side of the story now!


No! It's ok! I find it more interesting like that!

I like to sit down and think about what my character was doing while everyone else was doing the work. :stuck_out_tongue:


Follow4LikesOfficial, what an odd username. Quite the challenge to re-hack, but, a job well done, at least. I could do more—much more—but….

I was the founder of our group. I was supposed to be the leader, but BinaryHacker7 was. I didn't mind though. I did mind that “seawolfwerehorse” became one of us. She was very nervous and fidgety, and combined with my emotions, distrust was most prominent on my side, while eagerness, for whatever reason was on her’s.
No one except her could’ve given the information away, with her emotions. Almost absolutely no one. Except for WretchedJungle, but….

“seawolfwerehorse” asked why I hated Liza so much. I replied with the simple, one-dimensional answer, that is, the most common and so bad if you regarded others as people with reasons. At least she didn't. At least she didn't know I didn't trust her.
Then again, I only didn't trust her because of my ability. I would've been such a fool if I didn't have it. I would be so much different without it.


I feel so OP, but then again, am I telling anyone about my ability?
Nope, I just keep it bottled up inside. And these are the only important things I do.


@robotpro I like how you talked about why you said, "I didn't touch anything!" Lol. Just making sure.


Heh heh.

Thanks! :smile: