Hacker Smackers; Book 2 Complete! Read it now!



Alright. This is inspired by @CreativeCoder's thing she's doing, but trust me. It's going to be different. This story is going to be about a group of hopscotchers who have ended up discovering some real Black Hat Hackers lingering in hopscotch code. They go through missions and such to stop them. The first story, I need to make the characters. So why not have them be chosen by you?

This is how it will work:

You either be a hero or hacker. Sometimes in the story heroes or hackers will lose and be never heard from again, and sometimes new ones will come in.

First person to sign up for a class will get a choice to be the leader of the class.

Hero Sign Up

There will be 5 heros. As a hero, you act with the identity of your username. For instance, if you were MagmaPOP, everyone would call you MagmaPOP. So, first you tell me your username on hopscotch. Then, you describe your personality. Do it very exact as, the Fight Or Flight reaction, which one you do, what kind of people aren't your cup of tea, what you like to do, do you talk a lot, that stuff. Also other things like skills and fears. That's all you have to do.

Hacker Sign Up

There will be 10 Hackers. To be a hacker, you will have to sign up saying you are a hacker, of course. You will give out a lot of personality, skills, weaknesses, that stuff. How much you can lead a group, jealousy, you get it. Make up a name you have it. DO NOT HAVE IT BE YOUR USERNAME. I DON'T WANT HATERS SAYING I'M A HATER.

Current hackers:
@crazygoat leader

@friendship2468 leader


I'm inviting people I would be happy to have join!!! (Remember, you don't need to!)


My username is Potter Productions. I like to learn and I am very very smart. I am very serious and strict. I like reading. I like to be leader of stuff and I support my friends. I hate it when people accuse me of things or say one little thing I don't like and I have anger issues and I love to tell on people. I've always been a great planner and artist.



I'll be leader of the heroes.


Can I be a hacker? (No I'm not a real hopscotch hacker it's cool to see what villains do :stuck_out_tongue:)


Ummmmmmm............. Change personality PLEASE?!??@friendship2468

Look at what you have to do by opening the hacker thing, @Ihasfluffycupcakes


Like what? What I like to do?


me a hacker

lead of hackers
can hack anything (even life)
teleportes the heroes to a world that he makes where he can control anything
has all the superpowers you can imagine
only weakness: sometimes feels sorry for what he has done


@friendship2468 the main thing is "like to tell on people"....


Sorry, it's just telling off hackers is my jam. Beta boxes NYC nc


Ok, my hacker name will be PassWordFinder and I'll be one of the hackers searching for passwords and guessing passwords. My weakness will be accidentally not using caps in some passwords


Can I please be a hero? My username is A Happy Coder :grinning:
Is good at Martial arts, And uses a lot of all purpose gadgets, funny,smart and positive


@friendship2468 the personality isn't about the hackers. It's about what your character was born with and still carries.


Heroes wouldn't have any weaknesses? Or would they have only minor weaknesses?
Hacker, I guess, but don't you think less people want to be hacker than hero?
Atom is the alias, which is not my user
Determined, wise, and ambitious, a very powerful combination
Major flaws she doesn't notice in her strategies is one weakness
Empathatic, which means she has sympathy, can manipulate feelings, and can see what others are feeling, but a hatred will always grow over it, so she can't convert or lose because of this
Can lead only the reasonable and rational of her group
Envious of others, which converts to determination and ambition to become better, though when she can't, she'll resort to the worst things, which might be her end (not including turning good or doing anything that involves the heroes)
Doesn't guess passwords, actually hacks into the system and does the math or watches people put in their passes
Also glitches out Hopscotch majorly and makes people (she wants) log out and have to put their pass in


@AHappyCoder yes


Can I plz be a hero?, THE KRDER OF THE STONE (most peeps should know by now...)
I'm skilled it
- sin/cos
- being supportive
- (says THT) being awesome
- making order between stone, I call hopscotch stone, so the order of hopscotch, meanning that I haveorder between hackers....
im scared of
- spiders
- being embarrassed
- growing up


Is this story in the Hopscotch Dimension or we-find-black-hat-hackers-in-hopscotch and then locate them in real life?
Real hackers? Prob not.-LLN
@LavenderLovinNerd I confirmed with Hoppertoscotch!-AHC


@AHappyCoder wa?!??


1. I dunno we see what happen
2. You're in


@Stampys_fans IN!!!