Hacker problem solving 👀



Okey We Know The Hacker has 2 ''Workers''
1 of them is Murblesmurble (An account that has been hacked!), The account name is Hackers the password is [Sorry] but you cant find it if you search. Why?!
Okey on the account: ''Hackers'' you'll find 2 projects with usernames and passwords they hacked! How did they get them? They'll find it on: The Forum!
3 of my collabs account were hacked! I dont know how! But maybe there is someone joining all collabs account and share the password with ''The Hacker''
But who did this is it one of your collab friends?

Omg why there hackers?

Why are there so many topics on the same hacker problem? Can everyone keep it to one topic please?