Hacker Hopscotcher?!


There is a Hopscotcher who's username is literally A Hopscotcher. He or she liked a few of my projects but I can't go to his or her profile. Is this a hacker? I'm really confused about this person- other people also have been saying that A Hopscotcher liked their projects. I want answers about this Hopscotcher. Thanks! :elephant::v:


When people are on IPhones or whatever other device provides being able to do projects on hopscotch other than iPad, because there is no account system set up yet, when they like your projects or something, it comes up like their username is A Hopscotcher since they have no profile, and all they do is check out other people's projects. Soon, this annoying feature will be done. The hopscotch team has mentioned upgrading this early 2016 I believe. Sorry if wrong.


A hopscotcher is someone who's using hopscotch on a iPhone they don't have a profile and can only play projects like projects and follow people
Don't worry about it
And this question has already been asked make sure you search your problem before you ask that question if it's not already asked then you may ask it


you are both right! @Gabe_N & @Hoppertoscotch


The same exact thing @Isaacwotwot said! @Hoppertoscotch and @Gabe_N are correct.


Yeah. You r all right :grinning: