Hacker Alert! (1515)



Look. I haven't liked many projects in a while, so I logged into my account after a collaboration. I ended up scrolling through my favorites section, and after scrolling past a few lines, there were like a million projects that were in there made by a Hopscotcher called "Crazy mind stuff". And I only remember liking about one of those. Help! I think that person hacked my account? @admins!!!

Should I email them?!? I've never experienced being hacked by someone who actually did something on it! I don't care if it was pure hacking or not! Someone found my password!!!


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Oh no! That's Terrible!

If the hacker is publishing stuff I recommend making a project to let other hopscotchers know that if you publish and strange projects it's because your being hacked. If you do that your less likely to be reported.

Email The Hopscotch Team to find out if you can change your password.


@Intellection74 any advice on how to stay calm? I'm just scared it will be too late by the time I email them!!!


If you attached an email, sign out and press I forgot my Password, or Help, and it will send you an email to reset your password!


Ask yourself why this is so bad.
They can't steal any virtual items or anything and you have the power to delete projects.

Then email The Hopscotch Team to change your password



Basically everyone said this, but email the team to change your password. Do not share it an any way, shape, or form.

Do not give the hacker the attention it is seeking, that's why I closed it


@Hoppertoscotch, I know you want it open, but its best not to discuss hackers. It gives them more attention, and that's not good.
Also read what @PopTart0219 said.


Oh I see why I closed it. It's best that it stays closed. Sorry!