Hacker Advice and Tips!



This is where you can go to if you are being hacked!

If you are hacked

Stay calm! Email the hopscotch team and they will change your password or do anything to help! Or you can click the "I forgot my password" button on the login screen!

Do not give attention to the troll

Don't feed the troll
What I mean is don't give attention to the hacker! That's what they want! They want you to freak out and get all sad and angry! Stay calm and email THT if you're in this situation!

Tips to not get hacked!

  • Don't have a super easy password like "hopscotch" because those are really simple to guess!
  • Don't share your password to anyone! They can leak it or hack it! If doing a collab, share it as quickly as possible and delete when the exchange is done!

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I've been waiting for someone to addres.s the ongoing problem. Don't ever post your pass and then make a scene after you are hacked!
Same goes for bullies!



Exactly! Boo trolls :-1:


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@Intellection74 here's a like! :heart: Great tips!
@LazyLizard :heart:4u!!!
@DancingLollipop xD :heart:4u2


Those are great tips for passwords! Aways make them easy for you to remember, yet hard for others.
424 stands for the month and Day I was born
I like Unicorns
A password could be #Unicorn424

This is not my real password :wink:


A :heart: for you @DancingLollipop! This is a great reminder for everyone!


Good tips @Intellection74! They're amazing! A :heart: for you!


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Your welcome! You are just such a wonderful person! :yum:


Lol this reminds me... when I was younger, I got really annoyed when some websites didn't accept 'password' as a password, so usually I would change it to 'passsword' or 'p@ssword'. Good thing I've changed my ways over the past few years! :joy::sweat_smile:


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Lol that's funny! I used to do incorrect for one of my passwords because if it forgot it and typed the wrong one it would say incorrect which would remind me! :joy::joy: I've changed :sweat_smile:


Hits hand on table, cannot like
I actually did that!


Hehe I didn't follow the first step when I was hacked. Well, kinda. I freaked out inside, but I froze on the outside. Luckily, I changed my password to soemthing incredibly long that nobody would ever guess of!


Wow! I used to do my student ID for everything, then all my friends found out my student ID thanks a lot teacher. You don't have to say my password out loud! So then... Yah. I changed everything!


Well everyone gets a bit freaked out :wink: Smart choice to change your password!


Yep. I used to be pretty dramatic about things, but I'm more chill now. I still get scared sometimes, I am just calmer.


Lol I used to always use my name and the year I was born or incorrect :joy: