"Hacked"? Resolved


Okay, so I just sorted through my notifications. What a mess. Anyway, I know that a lot of you were really alert and knew it wasn't me. I'm really impressed. Thank you. Before you say anything, this is the real me. I'll answer any questions to prove it. My brother was mad at me and got onto my account. He tried to cause mayhem. I guess it worked. I again appologize for any confusion.


It's OK! You are here now! :smile:


Please, everyone, don't judge me on this. I'm changing all my passwords, but I don't want you to all believe that I'm untrustworthy because of this.

I wouldn't fake a hack. My friends here know that.


Was you might quitting him too?


I know you would never do that :blush:


I totally believe you and I understand. Siblings....
They will do anything... XD


So your not quitting! Yay! I totally believe you, now this sounds like the REAL @Gilbert189, happy to have you back


Ok. I trust you. Still making music for you though


Aww, thanks!

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you guys believed me.

Extra shoutout to @Kiwicute2016 for picking up on it so fast!

Please trust me after this, I know it won't happen again.


Heres a useful tip.

Log out of HS if you can when you're done using it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And make sure theres no way they can find out the password.


Thank goodness you weren't leaving! I was about to write another essay about why we needed you, why you should come back, etc...



I may still leave, the stressed part was correct in that topic. Not the unfairness part though.


Well... then, let's cherish our last moments with you before you decide your final choice...


Okay, what is our favorite game that you made? You may not know this one.


"Square Tapper"?


Yes, you're correct, but I thought the hacker, a.k.a your brother, was you!


Phew! I was freaking out!


It was kind of obvious it wasn't you! You never write like that!


Okay, we're too clone like :slight_smile:

@Gilbert189 docs :wink:


I knew it was not the real you! I am glad you are staying!