Hacked? I don't get it


Hi everyone people have been saying they are hacked on hopscotch

When they say hacked does that mean people are taking over their account?


Yes, hacked means someone else has access to your account and is using it to do bad stuff.


Well I was hacked right before the Halloween contest and the person deleted all my drafts and unpublished everything. They might have simply guessed our passcode (we had a bad one) or used a computer program to hack it. But the point is that they got into our account without our permission.


oh no this is bad! I hope whoever is doing it stops.


Why would someone even hack an account? Just why?


They want to take over Hopscotch? I don't know.


I don't know, maybe is it because they're jealous, they can't earn money by hacking into a kids coding account


I may be a well known Hopscotcher (IDK) and the hacker might have just wanted the fame or glory of being me. Or, he/she might try to bring my profile down and his/her profile up. Thank God, he/she didn't delete any projects.