Haalllppp I have serious curiosity issues!


So @snoopy just made a topic called "to leaders and mod's only." Snoopy will know what upon talihg about. I have NOT read it- I swear. But sometimes I get a feeling of if I don't know what somethings about I'I will die! It's terrible! Help me! And mod's, pls read snoopy's topic asap so it can be deleted! Sry for terrible typing, I need to hurry!


It's okay, it's been solved! :smile: KC2016 did it super fast!
You don't have to worry anymore, I've done all the worrying already. :slight_smile:


I read it, and Kiwicute2016 turned it into a Private Message with just herself and Snoopy. It was just a safety issue.


Okay. Phew! Glad it was taken care of!


I still feel so curious. Help me. I hate this! (At least I can't actually go an read it)


I'm not sure if I should share what happened. :slight_smile:
Maybe they can answer for you.


What happened it that pm? I was tagged


It's okay, it's been solved! :sweat_smile:
Gosh, I shouldn't have tagged all the leaders, now everyone's going to ask! :stuck_out_tongue:
I admit it: I freaked out. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


um okay cools


I wonder if there's a way that it could be told to me without affecting anything or anyone in a bad way. If not, I completely understand.


Let's just say, there was information that shouldn't have been there. :slight_smile:
Leaders, if this isn't a safe explanation feel free to edit the explanation out.


Just leave it at that.

I probably shouldn't be told anything more.


What should I do with this topic? I kinda feel it should be closed, but I want people to help me with my curiosity issues....


Why don't you just look at it?


It was turned into a pm so she couldn't see it


@Kiwicute2016, what was in it?


Idk I didn't see it


The topic said not to. I had to respect that.


You didn't have to respect it.


True. But what if I learned something I shouldn't have known? Besides, it was probably something personal. @Snoopy, what do you have to say?