H3C - Hardco.re coding clan



This club is a different club.
It's really hard to get in
And no I won't have really dumb rules

Anyways the club consists of text artists, Math guys, overall coders , negotiators , and other stuff

As of now, their are 12 ranks

  • Owner
    -Trainee 2
    -Promoted 2
  • Newcomers

These take time and writing a five sentence entry won't get you Co

Newcomers need to stay for a day not doing anything weird

And they become members

Now your asking how you get promoted?

Their are three ways to do this

(A) You improve on coding a lot or your already good at it
(B) You are active and willing to help a lot
(C) You are a long time member of the clan/club

Their are more ways but those are the 3 most important ones

- No ditching clan but you can ask to leave
- If you get demoted (rarely) don't complain and leave immediately
- No spreading hate on other clubs/clans/collars/groups
- Use common sense
- Be respectful to others
- Follow the community guidelines
- don't hate on the clan if you get denied
- Remember, promotion takes time so don't complain
- Listen for directions from the top ranked members and don't argue but debate
- Arguing and flame wars can result in a ban or kick or warning
- 3 warnings and you have a chance to be kicked or banned
-Don't be a jerk
- Don't lie about your rank or a warning or kick
- follow these rules

This club requires good coders and hard workers.
Also put you rank in your bio to show it
Example: H3C-[rank]
This club will do massive collabs and I want it to beat Rawrbear's dead clan

This clan will help each other and we will try to make a clan chat thing
Also you must be at least member on the forum to get in this club

Application format:

HS User:
Why do you want to join?:
Will you be mad if you get denied?:
This is Hard.core are you up for it?:
What is your main skill in coding?:
Will you troll?:
How long have you been hopscotching?:
Time zone? (Optional):
What will your main task to do in the club?:
What rank do you want?:
What is your rank in forums? (Regular,Member,Leader,etc):
How long ago did you join the forums?:
Extra Info?:

Use that format to have a shot of getting in clan


Hardcore clan coming in for serious coding

People in the clan

@Pingu - Helper
@Razor - Owner
@Ella_13 - Promoted
@Phase_Admin - Admin
@Hoppertoscotch - Co-leader

A leader asked me to lighten up the rules so all you need to do is put reasonable answers into the app ur in


First 5 people get a better shot of getting in cause I have no members xD


People could get upset if they are denied and others are accepted, and you are meant to include everyone in hopscotch.
The rules are also very, very strict.


I mean..
This is serious
Also I know the rules are strict

This is like getting a job, you need to go into a interview and it's really hard

People can be really proud when their in the club

You have to earn a place in the clan like you have to earn a job.


HS User: DaluvlyPingu​:penguin:
Why do you want to join?: because I think it will be fun! :3
Will you be mad if you get denied?: nope.
This is Hard.core are you up for it?: yeh.
What is your main skill in coding?: values and trail art.
Will you troll?: nope
How long have you been hopscotching?: since December 2014
Time zone? (Optional):
What will your main task to do in the club?: helping and coding :3
What rank do you want?: any rank is fine! :3
What is your rank in forums? (Regular,Member,Leader,etc): regular
How long ago did you join the forums?: in January
Extra Info?: nope



Gimme a moment k? :D


I have to go sleep. ;-;


Your finale score is 81%!
75% is minimum score
Good job your in! Your first member so I'll put you as trainee 2
Next rank for you is Helper.
Helper can kick people out of the clan every 24 hours!
Welcome to H3C!


Yes, but Hopscotch is just an educational app for kids to learn how to code, not to simulate being in a strict job. So everyone needs to be included. The LGBT topic probably would be closed if it only included LGBT and not straights.


What do you think of the strict inclusions and rules?

Pls don't get mad at me @Razor i'm just stating my opinions


Thank you so much! ^^

Okay bye! I have to sleep now lol


I respect your statement and I understand. However I would like this clan to be organized and if you saw Rawrbear's old FaZE clan you had to be famous!
That topic didn't get closed because he also wanted it to be a serious organized clan (I think)

I don't have anything against LGBT and I don't plant to for my life

P.s. @GoatLord let's make this into a debate not a war


Cya! Rest well! And don't get nightmares!



I can't even!!:joy::joy::joy:


You can joke around a little but don't just repeat it when people ask you to stop it


I'm trying to keep this as a debate, not a war.
I am staying my calmest.


Same! Kinda fun debate. I mean I think we might come to a cool solution :D@GoatLord you have your statement ?


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I just want to see the leaders opinion.
If they think it is fine, I will have a shot at joining.
I probably won't make it in though.


How about this? I don't want my clan to get overun by people because I want it to be organized

I'll lighten up the rules but I don't want some random guy saying idc to all my app format and getting in

I'll let like the people who don't cuss and being mean to everyone


That sounds good to me.
Not sure about the leaders though.