H⃝o⃝w⃝ t⃝o⃝ m⃝a⃝k⃝e⃝ c⃝o⃝o⃝l⃝ t⃝e⃝x⃝t⃝



I use an app called Symbol.

You get M⃞O⃞R⃞E⃞ emotics and M⃞O⃞R⃞E⃞ text fonts.
And it's compatible with Hopscotch, you can also change it's colour in hopscotch. Proof in the last pictures
Download the app

This is how it looks like

I used it for my project snake.
Here is the menu

And this is in-game

An other app that is usefull:

Hello Hopscotchers

Wow thanks for sharing @TromaxTheDestroyer!

Just a tip though, if anyone is using cool texts just be mindful that unfortunately the computer can't really read those texts, so I think it won't appear when you try to search it up in the search bar - both on Hopscotch and the forum :confused:


No problem, and I've realised that before, I was searching my project for ages and then realised that. But thanks for the info.


Yep! And to solve that, you use the emoji button on the top bar when you are editing your posts! :smile:


How Do I Get The App?