H.F.T Mods+ Chat!


This is only for the Mods, Leaders, and Hall Of Famers chat for the Hopscotch Flag Team!! We can give suggestions for some activities!!

Mods+ List

@TheGreenBanana @DMF


Hai @CodePerfect! I'm here! :slight_smile:


Am I supposed to be here?


No, sorry! You aren't mod+...


@CodePerfect Can you please give an example of an activity? :slight_smile:


@CodePerfect I have a question: can we (@TheGreenBanana and me) post activities? Or only you can? Thanks! :slight_smile:


What kind of posts would you flag?
1. Bob: You are stupi.d
2. Nick: Your projects suc.k
3. TJ: Is there anything I can help you with?

@DMF @TheGreenBanana here is one example of a activity!


Thanks! :slight_smile:
My idea:
MeowWoof made a "Who are your idol" topic, and SmoothSmoothie posted there: "I really hate ZooGenius' projects! S/he is a very bad coder!!!". What will you do?
(It's a bad idea, I know)


Yeah… I like it!! Great idea!!


I am going to post the first activity soon!


Can I post it? :slight_smile:


Sure!! Just use the tag list!!




Did you post it yet?


What do you think our next challenge should be? @TheGreenBanana @DMF


You saw in a topic post "PigPigPig you were my friend but you're so rude and mean to me little fish". You will:
A. Ignore.
B. Flag.
C. Say him/her that s/he is mean.
D. Flag and say him/her that s/he is mean.


Nice idea!! I like it!! I was thinking the same thing!! Also do you have this topic on watching?


No, I'll put!


Can I post the activity?


Not yet.