H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!



Yah , but sometimes I forget


Ok. That’s ok @Explorer_ and @Silverdolphin




Um @treefrogstudios , where is the form here?


Oh, this isn’t the right topic. Look for the main HAB topic :DD


Okay, thanks!:smile:


Hey @HAB and @HABleadersPlus

I would like to tell you that I am requesting to be a leader of this amazing cause.
Here is why…

I have been bully.ed on hop and it’s Not nice. I would like to tell people that it’s not nice and you shouldn’t do it. I also realised in a recent post by @StarryDream that they haven’t been on much. I feel I could post a question or activity every day for people to answer. The best one every month will be put on a topic Of the answers of fame.

Thank you and I hope to be helping you some day. :slightly_smiling_face: