H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!



Yah , but sometimes I forget


Ok. That’s ok @Explorer_ and @Silverdolphin




Um @treefrogstudios , where is the form here?


Oh, this isn’t the right topic. Look for the main HAB topic :DD


Okay, thanks!:smile:


Hey @HAB and @HABleadersPlus

I would like to tell you that I am requesting to be a leader of this amazing cause.
Here is why…

I have been bully.ed on hop and it’s Not nice. I would like to tell people that it’s not nice and you shouldn’t do it. I also realised in a recent post by @StarryDream that they haven’t been on much. I feel I could post a question or activity every day for people to answer. The best one every month will be put on a topic Of the answers of fame.

Thank you and I hope to be helping you some day. :slightly_smiling_face:


@HABleadersPlus I just recently realized that when I’ve been adding new hab members to the group, I’ve been forgetting to add them to the group list on the topic. I’m really sorry about that and I’ll remember to do it from now on!

I think someone else has been adding the names to the topic list so thank you for that!


Do you all think it would be ok if I tagged hab to ask who couldn’t find their name on the topic list to add them?


Haha I have been adding them mainly, and that seems like a good idea!


Should be fine, yeah


@Silverdolphin did you have an activity or question that you wanted to do on the hab topic?


Hmm, I will do one in a few hours i think!


Thoughts? @HABleadersPlus


I wouldn’t mind taking it over!


I think the only issue I have with this is I feel like we’re taking advantage of the fact that starrydream is gone,


Then maybe temporarily put this aside til she returns?


It isn’t just that StarryDream is temporarily gone though, she also wasn’t a particularly active owner anyway.

The final call should be left up to her when the time comes however.


Sure that’s probably best for now


Good choice, when she is back we will talk to her!