H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!



I know how you feel ;u;

I need to watch some anti-bullying videos to get some inspiration


bump bump bump bump bump

i have some stuff to talk about


Yes starrydream!
What is it :grinning:


:cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie: ok got the cookies


I want a huuuuge change on the activity system

Will you go read some bullying related articles to start discussions?



I love cookiesssss


What happens do innactive users? For example if someone hasn't been active since December 18th?


I dunno. I've been thinking about deleting their names, but in case they come back...



What should we do with those members


So guys, now I don't think slosh of club members would be relevant since we already have a group tag

Delete the CMTL?



Sure !!!


I guess so :D


What's the CMTL


Maybe, since we don't use it anymore


iiiiiii remember when i was a leader :0


Sup Onnie




So uh you guys do know you’re suppose to add the new users as regular members and not just to the Hab group right? @HABleadersPlus


Really? I just add them to the HAB list


RobotPro long time no chat btw I missed u