H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!



I think???? But they would come and go more freely without the tag list that is only used about once a week????


I mean, It would be more organized if we had the tag list

They could edit themselves in and they would know when the debate is


I'd consider ;)


that would be real cool !
I'll think of stuff for it



I'm now thinking about activity ideas...


k.... sry if this offensd you but was it you @Jojo was talking about


Welcome to Leaders+, @RobotPro!


eh thanks! :D


Hi guise!

Help frens, I'm out of activity ideas.....

Or shall we do a debate?

Tagging people


A debate might be cool :00


Maybe, I have an idea for an activity!

When a bully comes up to you and takes your lunch, what do you do?

It's kinda a simple question


Oh a crow took my dad's lunch once


Well, they are crows


Debate debate debate


Kkk debate time!!!!!!


Ok. When will it be?



tsundere face

It's not like...I'm lazy or anything?!!?!!?? >:3


I is tired

And help meh


ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ meh



Really, I've been busy recently. I have drawings to finish and we are moving out of Auckland

Tell the other Leaders+ to do the activities for me if they have ideas, k?


I'm running out of ideas