H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!



What kind of activity should I make ?
A poll
Multiple choice
Or just general


Multi-choice maybe?
H.A.B peeps luv multi-choice


Okay sure ! It is I just cannot decide !



Thank school ;-;


Hello @StarryDream ! Did the peeps like my acrostic poem activity ?


Yup! I think so!
Me really really bored
Lying on mai bed and daydreaming


Me is on da loo

!! !!


Lying on bed daydreaming and eating strawbewwies :yum:
Kinda sad that I don't have much activity ides for H.A.B…


Long time no see!
I have a request to make of you:
Invite some new leaders. Some new mods. We need fresh blood here.


Hey guys! I've been thinking of something big for the HAB club! I was thinking that we could make a collab forum account called HAB_Official or something like that! What do you guys think?!

  • I'm with you! Great idea!
  • Great idea, just a different name.
  • Bad idea. (State why)


Votes are public.




It's all up to starry though.


I'll do all of the setup and stuff. You know, the email and stuff.


Just wanna say that using main accounts as Leaders+ is enough. No point to make a collab account


You guys can try.
But I'm not in it, sorry.


Well, then maybe it could just be a bullyin.g awareness account.


Isn't this topic enough?!


Nuuu! What if peepos don't see the topic!?


The topic always pop up, and we have more than 50 members


D:< You always have an excuse for me Lucy! You're grounded…


Hey, dude, don't ** beep ** with da Mod or she'll ** beep ** you!