H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!



Welcolm to H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic @Silverdolphin!


Yay ! Thanks ! So , what do we do here ?????


Okay so , when can I see activities for everyone ??


You can literally do almost anything! Set an activity now, give it a go!


I can see this
Ok ur not promoting meee





I can be here xD


Oh really?
dumps water on Bacon's head and steals his chocopotatoez

Bai! :smiling_imp:


insert sarcastic, slow clapping here


@StarryDream , there is someone in the club who has not participated once in any activities ! So , what should we do ??


That is very rude xD


Oh, sorry, I didn't mean it to be rude :joy:

It was just a prank bro lol :joy:


Does it look like I'm laughing


You had an xD in there so I thought you actually weren't that offended...


Sorry fren. I won't do it again... which part offended you? The part of having no superpowers? The chocopoatoez or me noticing that you forgot to edit your name into the second list? None of those seemed harmful to me...

The slow clapping was a joke.


xD is my signature and the power part

I have the power of......Bacon


Ok, I'll change it now... I'll remove the emoji because it isn't really funny.


You should join the BaconClan


I would but I can hardly keep up with all of the stuff I'm part of already, it'd be to hard, maybe when my schedule lessons I'll join :blush: