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:fire: It doesn't mean Mental Age but it is used to calculate mental age :fire:

insert evil laughter here and burning sound effects

We really need to stop :joy:


It's 10:22am for me and I'm at school…


Hey, can we talk here?


Hoi! Sure we can talk! I didn't think you were on... @StarryDream?







Ha, me always a ninja :stuck_out_tongue:

I've been less active on H.A.B, you might have noticed that.
As one of the Leaders+(leike @Hermione, @TheRainbowChicken, @treefrogstudios, @Sensei_Coder, and @Zachyswag), can you moderate H.A.B as much as you can? (Same things applies to all the other peeps who are Leaders+)
My school started 3 weeks ago. The first few weeks of term has always been stressful… I do managed to stay active. But I've ran out of ideas and I need time to think of some.

About the promoting thing, I wanna say that promoting someone to Leaders+ is something very serious. And I don't trust myself to give these powers to Leaders+. I do trust you guys, but…


Fun fact of today: during today's handbalol competition, day guy who usually pushes in pushed in AGAIN. I dragged him out AGAIN(leike one time) and pushed him to da back of da line. :joy:

Moral of da storee: NEVER, EVER MESS WITH LUCY (surname)! :stuck_out_tongue:


xD that's hilarious!


You got it right!
Lucy (surname)=DA FALCOM PUNCHA


Ok, I have LOADS of assessments this week but I'll do my best to look after the club! There's no hard feelings with the promotion thing, I understand that you just don't want things to get out of hand!



I feel so special! :joy:


Tank you!
Middle school isn't easy for you, right?
About da promotion thing, I try best to be a gude Admin


It's a very "meh" difficulty experience :joy:


Me going to middle school next year


Just wondering, would any mods ever become a co-admin if you trust them enough?


Moderator is the highest Trust Level for H.A.B members


Maybe you could add it in after you trust the mods for a VERY long time.


I'll think about it…
But I think I can manage choosing the Leaders+
I do trust you guys, but I wouldn't dare giving the power of promoting people to Leaders to you peeps…
Who knows?


I just…
…don't want things get out of hand
I've been doing the best of I can to be a good Admin.
And from my H.A.B Admin experience, I learned a lot.


Maybe after a mod is on for about a half a year/


Hey Leaders+! :D
I'd like to be promoted to Leader in HAB, although I know I'm probably not ready for it. Can you tell me some things you'd like me to improve on? :D