H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!



Leaders can promote Novices and Basics. Moderators can promote Regulars and below. Admin(AKA me) can promote every Trust Level below her.


Why don't you push it up to Leaders can do up to Regular and Mods can do up to Leader so that there is less of a burden on you and different perspectives can be taken!

And only THE STARRYDREWM can do Mods promotions!!!


I really trust myself
Dude get on mai General Topik and START DA SIMULATION


Only you can do dis, this causes many problems:

She's happy and now for Zachyswag:

He thinks he's ready, you then rejected their posts and this was the outcry:


Exactly, so let me help you! You are leike Donald Trump, building a wall of abilities xD

@Silverdolphin then asked you, you said no... she asked me, I said I want allowed to >:3 let me help!

So I did, see, the other Leaders+ & I will do our best to do ya proud, give us a chance, if it doesn't work out, remove the ability!

Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]

Can I be leader
Is that wut ur saying


H.A.B's Leaders+ system is pretty strict


Man, just leave it to me. I want the best for all H.A.B members. And that is what Admin is for.
I am like Trump building a wall of abilities. I wanted less drama for everyone. This is the reason why I made up these abilities to certain people.


Hokay, it's burning time!

PS, I hope you don't take this as me challenging your authority, I'm just trying to help and I'll be fine if you say no to all of this groundbreaking evidence! :joy:


I can't believe that I got ROASTED :joy:
Lol, dude, I'm not mad anymore

But about the age thing…
I care more about mental age
I'm not the closest person towards your mental age since I don't not you IRL. Not saying that you are immature, I just wanna roast you man. >:3

I'll turn 12 in March, remember. And when my crush, who is 12, screamed hysterically when he heard a balloon pop, I told him to grow up and be a man. Not comparing you with him, just wanna give a little roast.

Older doesn't always mean wiser. Age and mental age are different. My parents are two funny "old" in their early/mid 40s.(Who I inherited my sense of humour from)


Remember, I am Lucy (surname), who is both calm and hotheaded.


You woasted meh >:(
First time I got roasted throughly.

Being da stubborn gurl, mai respond to da roasts:



xD, you can't beat tha "ROAST KING" you are too reliant on violence which you can't use online :joy:

I roasted your roasting back xD


Wait does this mean that we can promote leaders or not...

I think me @Hermione @JojoDude Sensei_Coder should be able to

  1. Promote people up until regulars then it's up to @StarryDream
  2. Do any challenges (make)
  3. Suspend people and give them strikes [new]

I think we should give people that are "mean" strikes and 5 strikes they are kicked out ... and this is a poll

  • We should give a strike to people that missed 10+ activities
  • We shouldn't
  • I dunno


Votes are public.

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  • 3
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Votes are public.


Guys. Just stop. @JojoDude... it's fine if you can promote to leader. @StarryDream created the club and it's her rules. But I do think you need to calm down Starry.

I'll be honest, it's my fault all of this happened.


No no and no
1. It wasn't your fault
2. Starry has calmed down


It kinda was. I was the first person to ask to be promoted.


Me agree!
But there is no "mean" situation in H.A.B and this community is quite healthy at this moment…


Lol, grade doesn't mean mental age, dude
To end our first rooooooooooooooooooooooooast, my answer to this is:

No, dude. Just no.


I'm caaaaaaaaaalm

And I'm in class and just roasted a girl messing with meh…

Every rule I created was made for a reason


slaps @JojoDude on da shoulder
Dang, I forgot dis is da internet! :stuck_out_tongue: