H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!



I think so! That sounds right!


Don't wanna sound desperate but


Tagging Leaders+


I have two ideas!

Activity 1

Does one of your favorite books have bullying in it? Which book? How is bullying displayed in the book?

Activity 2

Put yourself in this situation: a bully walks up to someone and starts teasing the person. Are you the most likely to be the bully, the victim, or the bystander? Describe what you would do in this situation.


Tank you, fren!
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Guys we should really do a winter spring contest...

Ok guys post your prizes here.

Winter Spring Contest!

Make a project, movie, story, or art to spread awareness!


First place
Follow from SmilingStudios (@FruityMilkshake) and SmileyStars (@Hermione)
Shoutout from @Hermione in her bio
Likes from @StarryDream
Art request from @StarryDream
At least 20 likes from @TheRainbowChicken
One art request from @TheRainbowChicken
A promotion to Regular if Basic and below

Second place
At least 15 likes from @TheRainbowChicken


No offensive content!
Has to be anti-bullying/H.A.B related
Have fun!


Kewl ideaaa
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You are Regular(Forum Trust Level), right? So you can make your post an editable wiki!


True I dunno why I forgot...


Here is da Leaders+'s heaven


Yeah, I know.


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Let's continue the discussion we were having in H.A.B

Liza ruined my dream.


Mai dream got crushed too


I made dis topic back in June. Back when I first started! I've come so far, dreams ruined...

I actually joined back in November of 2015 just to ask a coding question, but then I rejoined the forum because I realized how awesome it was!


Wow really?
I thought you're a long-term Forumer…
Me joins in April, about a month after mai 11th birthday


I kinda am, since I joined in November.

I have only been on for 130 days though.


Question, are Leaders+ or just Mods+ allowed to promote people?

So Leaders can promote people to anything other than Leaders+ (so anything underneath their level) and Mods (& @StarryDream) can promote to Leaders and below?


700th post!!!!!