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How did I not see that?!

What are you doing in my bunka?

I only let specific people inside and you're not allowed :expressionless:

Hey look! It's a random guy on the streetz! Wanna come into my bunka?

Ok, see ya @StarryDream!


I broke into your dang bunka and locked it so you can't some in!:smiling_imp:


I can't some in, but I can come in!


he he he >:D


Fren I'm posting dat on da H.A.B topik RIGHT NOW!:wink:


@Zachyswag, YOU ARE NOW ABLE TO ACCESS L.D.T( Leaders+ Discussion Topic)!


Yay! I haz been added!


Oh, I'm kinda confused on the difference of leaders and leaders+.


Leaders are well…Leaders.
Leaders+ are Leaders, Moderators, and Administrator(me!)


So it's all of the top people put into one group.


So Leaders+Mods+Admin(AKA @StarryDream)=Leaders+


Hai frens!

It is time fir a Autumn Contest!(it's spring fir me lol)
Idea credits to da awesome @Hermione!

Contest stuff:
We should think about contest-y stuff, prizes, blah blah blah
Leaders+ are da judges
And first and second place gets promoted to Regular if they are Basic and below

Dat is all I can think of RN, add ideas plz! :3

Dis post is an editable wiki

Tagging Leaders+:

Ok let's think of prises

First Place

A follow and a game request from SmilingStudios (including credit from you)
20 likes from SmileyStars :smile: :star:️(@Hermione)
15 like from SmilingStudios
If you are a novice you get to be a basic if you are basic to regular

Second Place

A follow from SmilingStudios
15 likes from SmileyStars
10 from SmilingStudios
If you are a novice you get to be a basic if you are basic to regular

Third Place

12 likes from SmileyStars
8 from SmilingStudios

I want it to be really fun! -@Hermione

Make a small episode/setting/a story on hopscotch or paper or iPad.



Hey starry! Sorry I've been inactive on H.A.B. There's been a lot of stuff going on! What I was thinking for the contest was to create a H.A.B. Message on hopscotch. Not just any plain message though. Of course you have to put decorations on it too.

In this contest, it doesn't just take your skills of ■■■■■■■■, but also your coding skills.


I'm so sorry! I've been busy with other stuff XC
And I don't like the forum as much as I used to... sorry.
I try to be active but idk...


... I don't think that's a very nice skill tho XD


I have nuu leikes ;-;


Guise, I think we should either continue with da Forum Bully Simulation(I wanna make a part 2!) or start da Autumn Contest(credits to @Hermione!)

  • Forum Bully Simulator
  • Autumn Contest


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Tagging Leaders+:


Hoi fren!

I'm trying to think of a placeholder activity…


I'm trying to find an anti-bullying film to get some inspiration…


Idk... may b the suicide girl one...