H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!



This is a private topic folks!
So if you aren't one of the Leaders+ of Hopsotchers Against Bullying, please make yourself scarce! This topic is for the leaders and above of the club, to talk about activities and so forth.
If you aren't one of the three then I shall dump water on your head.
And steal your chocopotatoez


Note: the creator of this topic(AKA @OnceUponATime) has left the club and is no longer a leader. So @StarryDream will be da one who dumps water on da intruder's and steal her/his chocopotatoez.
If OUAT does come back, she will request a demotion to regular. Do not tag her, contact her, etc. since she is watching this topic, she will see every post. Thank you.

Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]
Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [OLD]
StarryDream's General Topic #1

Oh here is da topic! :wink:


Gices banner of appreciation.


First like, third reply!

So, what do I do? :3


Um, for Leaders and above, actually. From Leader to Admin.


Think of activities.
I still wanna do the debate thing


What debate thingy?

This is a big topic. :8


We start discussions about our H.A.B Club! Setting club activities and stuff like that.:wink:


I had an idea for debating about the causes of bullying
We could do that!
oh, and:
Gices another banner of appreciation.


Hey guise I g2g for a second. My iPod's nearly dead so I hafta charge it ;-;


I'm so sorry, but I don't think I'll have time to be in this anymore. It has a great concept, and I'm glad it was made, but I've just been a little busy lately. Sorry! :)


Great idea! Tick!:wink:


Hmm, you don't completely have to be in our discussion. You can come when you have time!:wink:


Okay. Thanks for understanding, and I will. :slight_smile:


It's ok! I know how does it feel to be busy and running a club at the same time. But from 2nd to 24th of July, I am in holiday mode!:wink: And this is my 2nd week of my holidays…


I don't think these "____ only" topics are allowed :P


It's technically for a club. It's pretty much a collab.
Not like "regular-only" stuff, It's for a club.


Like, collabs are allowed, and they're specifified.
So this is like a collab for the forum!


Moderators/leaders specifically specified that any topic that was "____ only" should be closed :P


I'm pretty sure in this case it's fine, but if a club specifically excludes people, then that's what's bad. But here, the members were already chosen, so they ask other people don't come in often.