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good job :clap:


Ehh I got like 70 yesterday I beat you


I go on every day so I don’t get that many notifications at a time.


I still go on daily and get like 30 motifs.


that’s pretty good




Btw, it’s number 19.


Are you sure? Look it up on YouTube


i guess I remember wrong


Music Request List
Tally Hall- Ruler Of Everything (from @Mr.rex) (BTW: I was skeptical of me liking this song, but it’s AWESOME!!!)
Meme Music Mashup 2
Star Wars Sheet Music
Pokemon Theme/ Video Game Themes/ Undertale Music (from @MewtwoCreator)
Submit requests by replying on my GT

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Star Wars Sheet Music


I already got that… (I am probably going to do different themes like Rey’s Theme too, because the main theme is SUPER EASY to make)


Wait you mean I requested it not I do it right
Also can you do undertale music?


When you request, you request for me to do something. Sorry if it was misleading in any way. I’ll do it. You requested it sometime back and I put it on my list. Also, yes, I can do Undertale music



Could I join your tag list?


And yes you can!




Oof it’s ok i’ll question the simplest things sometimes


That’s ok. I do that sometimes too.


Patriotic Music?