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Yee. Ok


so, hows ur day been?


Pretty good.


same, i found out who a couple of people like, and the sub bussdriver forgot on of my friends at school when i had seen it happen, lol, she beat me up after though, bc we looked wight at eachother and i smiled and did nothing, i knew we would half to come back tho, lol


she called me a bish bc i had seen the whole thing happen, as soon as she walked out the buss left, lol


Oooh school drama eh?


Watch this


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yes yes yessssssss, i know who two people like now I AM ALL POWERFULL MWAHAHAHA


um, ok i will


Consider it done :smile:


omg…lol sevral people at school r trying to bring dis back


Yeehaw :cowboy_hat_face:


Yee. I rickroll the unsuspecting :wink:
But don’t try it on @Hopscotcher (sorry I tagged you many times). He/She knows the link by heart


ha lol


excuse me mis, i know its not funny but your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money


Wot m8?
Was that a cringe joke?


its a rerence to a musical , lol, ha


The Schulyer Sisters
Final guess


u r now my faverite person now.