GweTV's General Topic (much fun) (yeehaw) (fun with Hopscotcher) (fun with gwetv too)(SUB TO PEWDS -Fuwa)







oh I get what @GweTV said.


We are at 12 likes after 5 hours…
That’s pretty good
Creds to Hopscotcher for the egg idea


:x: It was my idea


I am 92.512% sure it was Hopscotcher’s idea


no it was MY diea, jk, no it wasent, lol


yeet I told you it would explode. I’m on now btw so if you want to fight. Join ma.


Make 50 alts and compliment a ton of people.


after crunching the numbers, idk




There is no such thing as
It’s a rickroll probably


Smashing idea!


im useing a school computer and it bloked the page??? the pg to the cheese thing


Nom nom nom nom


yes there is. If you click this link that’s not a rick roll, unlike the other one, it takes you there!


It was my idea :D


I agreed to that idea :D!


Oh, and btw, is a rickroll. Nobody click on it


i took a shower and after 2 min the water turned cold =.=