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I can’t access the link for some reason (again) (it’s prob my computer) I will definitely take a look tomorrow (bookmarking it) It also took me A VERY LONG TIME at first, but I became more efficient in time and quality as I made more mashups. It took me a few days with my most recent mashup, but I have gone all in and done it all in 4 hours, but I recommend you take your time.


So far, here is my music list:
Star Wars Sheet Music (HS)
Pokemon Theme (HS)
Meme Music Mashup 2 (HS)
Tally Hall- Ruler Of Everything (HS)
(I always seem to find other music to code, so I got to do these requests…)


Yes. I am. I also thought it might be a good idea to make constants for length of notes in milliseconds so I can use them quickly. Do you think it’ll work if I publish it on my second account instead of a draft?


Yeah. I will try to be on the app tomorrow, so if you publish it, I think I will be able to see it! I will respond with my thoughts tomorrow (I think it will be great!)


I’m sure the link will work on a computer if it’s published, so here you go:


GweTv do you have any ideas for people’s positions for the other letters?


For the E, I think you could have someone sitting down and curving their arm to form a circle with their body.


It does work! It sounds really good! The timing between the notes is really good!


For the G, you could have a tall person smiling down at the other letters. (sounds weird lol)


Oh yeah, I’ll do that, thanks! I’ll give you credit too.


Yeah sorta but I’ll add that too!


Great! I found this website that helps with timing between notes:


For Hopscotch, going to the 240 column seems to work best.


And I found the websites you suggested really helpful! I found my sheet music here:


Woah… I think this be helpful for more mashups! Thanks! Also, if I think, for example, 200 mils is too slow, while 100 mils is too fast, try for the middle. It kind of sounds like “duh!” but, you know…


You mean: 200 milliseconds is too slow and 100 is too fast.


Ye. This is VERY SIMPLE sheet music. Do you know how to read music? Just curious :slight_smile:


Ye. That’s what I mean :smile:


Not really, so I got website for that (lol)! Well, search ‘piano note chart’ on google and those are what I’m using. I also chose very simple music that I could actually do instead of having the hardest time of my life.


Yeah! I took piano, so I know how to read music, so if you need any help, you know who to call!